A Good Day at School Video Series

Imagine Having the Tools to Solve the Stress, Anxiety and Lack of Confidence Your Child Is Facing

Have you ever longed for your forlorn teen to return to their giddy childhood self?

Does your elementary-aged child come home from school in tears most days?

Does your middle schooler beg to stay home every morning?

How many times a week does the day care attendant point out that your child is unmanageable?

You’re not alone in this struggle.

Behavioral and emotional challenges like these continue to plague our kids. And despite traditional responses like talk therapy and alarming rates of medicating, the world surrounding our young ones continues to get more and more confusing and stressful.

Kat was one of these kids and she developed this video course to help your child experience the joy and fulfillment that is their birthright.

Too many of our young people are committing suicide

Big emotions are serious. They easily influence decision-making, rationality, and relationships. When we don’t provide our young people with adequate support systems and tools to manage these emotions, they find alternatives through distraction, diminishment or death. Dramatically decrease the viability of these negative behaviors by setting your child up with solutions that attend to the cause, not the symptoms.

Through this video series, you and your child will identify new support systems that will give them the courage and magic to overcome restlessness, anxiety, and stress.

Your purchase includes, the 6-Part Video Series as well as a Paperback Copy of the book A Good Day at School. These resources will give you the tools you need to:

  • Recognize how YOUR emotional and energetic behavior influences your child
  • Utilize a powerful visual that helps you help your child minimize stress and feel more happy
  • Identify practices to shift energetic habits that are keeping your child stuck in negative patterns
  • Demonstrate new behaviors that uplift you and your children in powerful ways


Author and instructor Kat Mulvaney is a family coach and metaphysician on a mission to replace trauma with power and bad days with days of unlimited possibility and joy.

She has guided families out of emotional turmoil and behavioral limitations and has witnessed the powerful transformations that result from learning and utilizing her program’s tools.

If you’re ready to integrate these teachings into your daily lives, reach out to Kat to schedule a free consultation for her to support you and your family.